There used to be a time when social media used to be people in community gathering to have a casual talks, email used to be a letter with attachments transported by individuals and netflix used to be certain group of actors and actresses performing act in villages to villages and here we are: having everything in the palm of our hands.

This is the time where virtual media is far more powerful than real media. We are doing things which were unimaginable or just abstract dream two or three centuries ago. In every aspect of our life there is some machines which are related directly or indirectly. From plantation of foods to the journey of the food to the toilet commode, it sees various types of machine cycles. From the birth of a baby to its journey to the crematorium, machine is doing some part of work. All natural resources may it be forest, river, oceans, winds or solar powers it is touching machine in some ways or other.

In my opinion, it is to be taken positively that physically we are dependent on machines and it is helping us to become more productive. But how about we becoming mentally, emotionally or consciously dependent on machines? We normally think that machines are doing things in the present that human slaves used to do for their masters in the past to make them live a luxurious life. But how about we ourself becoming slave to the machines both physically or mentally? We are more smart and productive because of machines. But are we happy, self-content or satisfied because of it? Those are really some serious debates.

Lets talk about the ancient times where machines meant just some primitive tools which were naturally available and far simpler. The tools contributed mostly into agriculture, mining and constructions. The sophisticated gadgets and virtual medias were just unimaginable. But often great personalities used to become viral in no time and become unseen celebrities. For example in Siddhartha Gautama’s time he was known all over the continent. It is because humans themselves are the fastest means of communication. When he went to certain places to give a speech there used to be thousands of people to attend the program. But due to unavailability of mike, various volunteers used to stand throughout the crowd in equal amount of spaces to recreate the speech so it could reach all over the place. People used to walks days just to listen some words or to have a glimpse of those great personalities. I often think that in those time if there were gadgets like camera, video recorder, microphones I could have seen or listen those personalities like Gautama Buddha, Chanakya, Jesus Christ, Saptarishis or great warriors like Genghis Khan, Napolean, Alexander. I would have been satisfied thinking “Oh this is the real face of Buddha” or “Oh!! This is the voice of Jesus Christ” or “Oh!! this was the real lifestyle of Saptarishis”. Even if we can’t see their real faces or listen their real voices, they are so much significant personalities even thousand years later. It shows how strong impact they have created in their time, whose echoes are even clearly felt in the present time. But if we could watch their videos in this time would they be more significant or less significant? I think imagination of mind is so powerful that no video animations can reach it’s limit. We imagine them to be godly beings so much like they would do some magic and peripherals will change drastically by their arrival. But if we see them walking, talking, behaving like an average person then it would have killed our expectations.

So above argument places the debate on the context that if the same Gautama Buddha was present in this time, would technology help him to make more impact than he created in those time or more powerful media mafias would create propagandas to brainwash peoples against him or maybe his teachings by himself would have been overshadowed by non-sense things which are occupying most of the Internet traffics. I came up with these ideas because there are hundreds of educational and life changing videos are there in my watch later list in you tube and when I open it, after hours of continuous watching non-sense I end up watching video titled “How to catch a giraffe by hand.”

Normally when we watch videos, read writings or see photos in Internet, we know the people understand the sense just because we grew up being familiar with these things in real life. When a baby comes out from his mother’s womb and enters in this world, everything is new for him. Neither he is surprised nor he questions the existence of things. But for a person who grew up in forest and spent his entire childhood there, when sees television for the first time in his adulthood, it is no surprise that he will think that there are real dwarf peoples inside that box dancing, walking or talking. Same thing applies for a person who grew in high tech environment and see real forest for the first time in his adulthood. But for an infant, he will see smart-phones as natural as a tree. As growing, one will know by education that technology is human made thing but out attitude towards technology is that it is taken for granted. So it would be better if one realizes how long from the origin of technology it took to have a palm sized gadget in our hand that would do almost everything a computer is meant to do. It took centuries of development phases, discoveries, thousands of inventions and hundreds of thousands of research by top scientists we know and thousands of contributors whom world is unknown of unfortunately.

In the web there is every opportunity we can think of. It has a caliber to enhance one’s life or to destroy. We can be a music master, doctor, engineer or every major professionals just through it. In the same media we can get a motivation to develop ourself and in the same media we can lose motivation and be empty. So it’s not due to these technology that our life is negatively impacted. We ourself are responsible for this.

When we get a new gadgets, for even a simple one it is recommended to read a user’s manual. There is no doubt that we humans are the most sophisticated gadget in the planet. So how important is it that we should read our own user’s manual before using any gadget through our gadget. To get a pure gold from and ore there are numeral process like grinding, mixing, pulverizing and various process. Internet is exactly an ore from which we should extract gold otherwise we would get residual as a final product.